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Bako.com is going to be a local website for people of Bakersfield to talk, find cool events, bands, find jobs, and sell stuff!

Stuff I need to do on the site!

  1. When someone post a blog, ad or event to automatically tweet it on Bako.com's Twitter. (COMPLETE)
  2. Figure out how people can upload picture to Bako.com with their smart phones. Apple solved this for me with their new OS! (COMPLETE)
  3. Build a messaging system so everyone can communicate with everyone. (COMPLETE)
  4. Program a blog. (COMPLETE)
  5. Program an event calendar and make it so people can list their events. (COMPLETE)
  6. Build the Field so people can write on people's fields! (COMPLETE)
  7. Create the free classified ads. (COMPLETE)
  8. Make it so people can comment on people's Bako Quick comments (COMPLETE)
  9. Make it so people can add more pictures to the classified and magnify them.
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