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User: cnsautorecycling
Location: Bakersfield California
Registered: Jul-26-2012
Signature: My name is Dan Evans and I run C&S Auto recycling in Weedpatch Ca.
We are a family run business started in 2009. Our goal is to provide knowledgeable service and fair prices on a good selection of used car parts. Our main focus is on service so if we don't have what you need we will do our best to find it at no add'l cost. Our C & S family is community mined supporting Kern County Fire Dept. The Kern co. sheriff's youth out reach program.
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bako quick
I'm here Nov. 21st @ 1:00 pm
Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Nov-21-2014 1:03 PM
bako quick
Stacy is not racing at KCRP Sat. but Buddy Shepherd is in his 22s Late Model its MAKE A WISH night so there will be lots of prizes and BIG raffle stuff Evans Racing along with many race teams and business's have donated to a great cause, so out have & fun

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Oct-30-2014 8:04 AM
bako quick
Stacy will be racing at KCRP This Saturday check out the commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDK7zHH7l-o&feature=youtu.be

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Sep-9-2014 12:08 PM
bako quick
Stacy will be racing again along with lot's of other's August 23rd - WHELEN ENGINEERING NIGHT NASCAR CITGO Lubricants Late Models Twin 35s, Spec Mods, Mini Stocks, Mini Dwarfs, SuperMoto

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Aug-19-2014 4:09 PM
Oh by the way Stacy Won the main event at Madera Speedway last Saturday night.

Posted By: cnsautorecycling Aug-19-2014 4:20 PM
BakoThat is awesome!

Posted By: Bako Aug-21-2014 6:10 AM
cnsautorecyclingWe broke our motor last Saturday Stacy borrowed a racecar and finished 4th. We are looking to buy a 2002 to 2005 Cavaler or Sunfire with the ecotec motor and a 5 speed we need this far a parts car

Posted By: cnsautorecycling Aug-26-2014 8:48 AM
bako quick
Check out the TV Commercial for this week's NASCAR races: http://youtu.be/bBUvVnDSQQQ

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Jul-22-2014 1:22 PM
bako quick
Once again; 16 year old Stacy Evans (2nd in points)will be racing her #22 NASCAR Mini Stock at KCRP tonight and her 14 year old cousin Buddy Shepherd will be racing his #22 CITGO Late Model come cheer them on. 6:00pm 7/12/2014 I5 & Enos Ln Bakersfied

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Jul-12-2014 8:08 AM
bako quick
Kern County Raceway Highlights from Saturday's Jim Burke Ford Night, including first time wins for Lance Wilson and Kercie Jung, are available now on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/LTBTGxkvtCQ

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Jul-2-2014 11:52 AM
bako quick
Not our best night we missed the dash for the first time this year by 5 thousands of a second got pushed off the track by two rookies on the first lap of the main came back from dead last to finish 4th

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Jun-30-2014 9:06 AM
Those dam rookies!! Well at lease Stacy made it back up to 4th!

Posted By: Bako Jul-1-2014 3:03 AM
bako quick
16 year old Stacy Evans (2nd in points)will be racing her #22 NASCAR Mini Stock at KCRP tonight and her 14 year old cousin Buddy Shepherd (3rd in points) will be racing his #22 CITGO Late Model come cheer them on. 6:00pm 6/28/2014 I5 & Enos Ln Bakersfied

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Jun-28-2014 8:34 AM
bako quick
Stacy and the Mini Stocks put on a heck of an action packed show, for the fans.We got fast time, dash had a first lap mess Stacy couldn't avoid & a tire went down. The main event had its share of trading paint going on all in all we ended up 2nd place

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Jun-10-2014 9:29 AM
cnsautorecyclingKCRP Highlights 06-07-14 http://youtu.be/ypDnAYoVL6w

Posted By: cnsautorecycling Jun-11-2014 8:53 AM
bako quick
Stacy is racing at KCRP I-5 and Enos Lane come on out enjoy the race's and cheer Stacy on

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Jun-7-2014 11:33 AM
bako quick
apply for a pat first
Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Jun-7-2014 7:53 AM
bako quick
Here's the last half of Stacy's race in Madera we were the car to beat held the lead for most of the race then something came lose in the front end http://youtu.be/uBMgtlw7GQo

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Jun-6-2014 1:39 PM
BakoYay! you have a youtube account! She was going fast, then all those cars passed her that sucks!

Posted By: Bako Jun-6-2014 4:50 PM
BakoWho was that screaming, her mom? haha

Posted By: Bako Jun-6-2014 4:51 PM
cnsautorecyclingyes our video camara took a dump for the first half and Mom did the rest with her phone

Posted By: cnsautorecycling Jun-7-2014 7:55 AM
bako quick
Good Sat. night fans were great as always Stacy signed of a lot of autographs and gave out all of her pictures again she qualified 4th got 4th in the dash so we worked on the car and after getting spun and then aggressively racing back Stacy got 3rd

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in May-13-2014 10:07 AM
bako quick
Today May 10th is Race day for Blondiie Stacy, so come out to Kern County Raceway Park tonight. Cheer for Stacy's. Go go #22!!!!

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in May-10-2014 9:08 AM
bako quick
Friday night is open practice at KCRP which means you can come out and watch all the racer's including Stacy get ready for Saturday nights race FOR FREE 6-9pm

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in May-9-2014 9:39 AM
bako quick
After Qualifying 3rd fastest and getting 3rd in the trophy dash Stacy brought home an impressive 2nd place finish in the Mini Stock main event at KCRP Sat 4-26-2014

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Apr-28-2014 10:44 AM
bako quick
Race day for Blondiie Stacy, so come out to Kern County Raceway Park tonight. Cheer for Stacy's. Go go #22!!!!

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Apr-19-2014 11:43 AM
PartyDid you win?

Posted By: Party Apr-20-2014 11:56 AM
Qualified 4th fastest finished 2nd in the trophy dash finished 5th in the main

Posted By: cnsautorecycling Apr-21-2014 8:30 AM
bako quick
Hi everybody check out Stacy's new ride for Kern County Raceway Park

Posted By: cnsautorecycling in Apr-5-2014 11:22 AM
BakoThat looks super cool!!!

Posted By: Bako Apr-5-2014 5:25 PM
cnsautorecyclingHere is our face book page for Evans racing https://www.facebook.com/pages/Evans-Racing/405396482849851?ref=hl

Posted By: cnsautorecycling Apr-7-2014 8:25 AM