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Criminal Defense - Please Contact

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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

VictorPosted by: Victor in Bakersfield, California
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Get the attorney that other attorneys look to for advice - Roger Lampkin.


Some of Mr. Lampkin's books are below...

California Criminal Defense Motions in Limine

Sample pleadings for Criminal Defense Motions in Limine for use in California courts. The most comprehensive book of in limine pleadings available anywhere for use in California courts. This second edition contains nearly twice the number of pleadings as the first edition.

Fully formatted, customized electronic copies of the pleadings in this book are available by contacting the authors.

The authors may be reached at:
- Roger Lampkin - - (661)633-1234
- Victor VeVea - - (661)Justice (587-8423)

Handbook for the Accused – Second Edition

A person accused of a crime in California often faces three prosecutors: the district attorney, the court, and his own attorney. Heavy caseloads and too few resources force many attorneys to seek quick plea bargains with little interest in actually defending their clients. This guide is meant to help the accused avoid becoming a victim of the California Plea Machine by teaching how to help your attorney help you prepare a defense instead of simply preparing to plead guilty.

This book contains sample pleadings by some of the best criminal defense attorneys, with major contributions from attorneys:
- Elliot Magnus - - (661)395-0240
- Joe Whittington - - (855)Warrior
- David Faulkner - - (661)324-4777
- Bill Slocumb - - (661)324-1400
- Larry Fields – - (661)861-9750
- Richard Jackson - (661)327-2531

Assistance in preparation of this book was also received from:
- Buzzy's Bail Bonds - - (661)324-8119
- Gotta Go Bail Bonds - - (855)224-5269

The authors of this book may be reached at:
- Roger Lampkin - - (661)633-1234
- J. Anthony Bryan - - (661)861-8050

This second edition of Handbook for the Accused has new sections about Immigration and about Bail.

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