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It takes effort to get things right and things are no different for the people who write the scripts to the biggest movies. To get the science right, Paul Feig turned to a Jefferson Laboratory particle physicist to get the science right behind the movie. Check what that scientist had to say about working on set.
Poster by sciwriterdave May-30-2016 9:23 PM Views: 786 Comments: 0
The new Ghostbusters (2016) features a major upgrade to an iconic device: The Proton Pack. In the original movie, the Proton Pack was a portable particle accelerator that emitted a stream of positively-charged protons to ensnare negatively charged spiritual entities. This device was based on one of the earliest particle accelerators: the cyclotron. The upgraded Proton Pack is based on a more ...
Poster by sciwriterdave May-29-2016 7:14 PM Views: 1059 Comments: 0
Omg I'm so glad I sold my stock this morning as soon as the market opened before apple suspended trade of their stocks before the announcement. This is crazy! Steve Jobs resigns
Poster by hunnybumm Aug-24-2011 4:58 PM Views: 781 Comments: 0
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