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Very fun, me and my sisters rode the go Karts and had lunch. If you haven't tried it out yet you should totally go over there, it's the old Costco building When you first walk in you see this really cool arcade with some nice shinny games but no DDR haha but they do have Top Skater if you're into old games! ...
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The Fire House on white lane in Bakersfield to host the New Satellite Wagering facility. Will be one of the best places to visit in California. Satellite wagering will get the atmosphere, the fun, excitement. Starting August new and great location at the Fire House in Bakersfield.
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Hello everyone it is time for me to update you on the fishing. I have been avoiding the river and concentrating on Lake Ming and fishing from the shore. In the past 10 days I have gone 5 times and had varing degrees of success. I fish the left side of the lake if you are looking at it from the road but both parking areas have been busy so the fishermen are spread out. I have seen around a hundred ...
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1/31/14 Hi all and welcome to my next edition of Fishing the Kern. I decided to stay close this week and camped at the Kern river camping area located near Ming lake. The prices are very cheap as it is off season and it only costs $11 a night and the place was empty. I arrived on Monday about 1:00 and stayed until Thursday noon or so when the cold and drizzle made my ...
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I am new to Bakersfield and this site as well, I should say new means I have been here for less than a year. I have looked around for fishing news or advice and only found the Bakersfield Californian as a reference so I am going to start posting information about the Kern river. While my writing skills may not be great I will try to give regular reports on fishing success, water flow, animal life ...
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Satellite wagering located at the Kern County fair very close to being put on the chopping block. Those individuals that have lent horse racing paraphernalia for display should contact the fairgrounds to claim their property. Fans of horse racing should call the fairgrounds and express their opinions. Satellite wagering opened April 1, 1987 on the fairgrounds.
Poster by firststreet May-31-2013 1:15 PM Views: 927 Comments: 1
Looking for people to ride bikes mostly along the bike path hit me up anyone is welcomed
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