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Big Marge in front of me! Cruz Thru Express Car Wash downtown my favorite car wash!
Poster by Google Oct-28-2011 2:29 AM Views: 632 Comments: 0
Driving on the freeway in a crappy 91 Toyota Corolla! So my max speed is about 65 sometimes I get it to 70 but the whole car kinda shakes. Then you have the A$$ hole driving the brand new BMW behind honking and tailgating you to move faster!! But I can't, oh don't get me wrong I want to go fast, really fast but I can't! It is literally impossible for me not to drive the recommended speed limit. ...
Poster by kate Aug-25-2011 4:34 PM Views: 1352 Comments: 7
So I decided to create this blog as a way for me to vent about my lovely job while protecting the identities of my co-workers and to protect my own ass. Let me begin with a lovely story ... There is a girl I work with, who I'll call The Gerbil, she annoys the hell out of me half the time. She hadn't been with our office very long. She's always seeking attention, at the potluck she cut ...
Poster by yqlk Jul-26-2011 3:30 PM Views: 870 Comments: 1
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