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Stacy and the NEW 22 had a good night she finished 2nd in her heat. Stacy was faster the the leader of that heat race she just could not get around her. A good handful of fast cars showed up for the last race, and Stacy starting from 7th made some difficult pass's and did her best to run down the leaders. With the points leader #79 Doug S. hot on her tail and the championship runner up ...
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The final point's race is here. The date is 9 "22" Stacy's number is "22". Today happens to be the first day of Autumn. The thing we will be saying is at last we gotum. SEE YOU AT THE RACES
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You know luck is a fickle thing. Stacy showed good in her heat race finishing 3rd because of her points standing she is to start the main 3rd row inside. The bad news a car that has been struggling and is just not as fast is on the pole, this means the inside line will be held up on the start and the outside lane will have the advantage. Here comes luck bad for the intended pole sitter her car ...
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About to close up go home and load up and you guessed it GO RACING. Stacy is pumped the car is ready and we have some small give away's for the kids in the stands. SEE YOU AT THE RACES
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This is a great way to save a lot of money for anyone who is somewhat car savvy and dose not mind putting forth some extra effort to get a car or truck that they may not otherwise be able to afford. I am not just saying this because I am in the business, I truly believe it. I want to make it clear this is not for everyone. A person needs to know going in the the vehicle they are buying is ...
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No mini stocks racing at the speedway this weekend Stay's next race will be Sept.15th SEE YOU THERE
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Not a good night, issues with cars slower and stopping in front of us (see picture on our face book page) anyway we have a solid hold on rookie of the year and 4th in points over all & the car is running great. Next races are 9/15 & 9/22/12 Mini Stocks (16 cars) A Main 1. #79 Doug Shepherd 2. #7 Gary Spiller Jr 3. #2x Kyle Hood 4. #8 Darren Sherman 5. #29M Anthony Montilepre 6. ...
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C and S Auto Recycling. LLC RACE DAY Stacy and the "NEW 22" are going hunting for a win with the big dogs tonight. Had a good run last week with an ill handling car. Max and I believe we have those problems solved soooo we will see what happens. Any one watching the points might see that we are in 4th 40 points behind the #49 car who is holding on tight to the 3rd spot at 2 point per ...
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The Bakersfield Speedway Mini Stocks pulled off their first GREEN TO CHECKER MAIN EVENT SATURDAY NIGHT (no yellow flag's). Stacy Evans in the "NEW 22" had a pretty good night. We missed the set up after the crash in the last race, but Stacy was able to pass some cars get through lap traffic and stay with the leaders then after the checkers flew and the dust settled she came home ...
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