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I was under the impression that if you get arrested for a felony, you will have to either pay a fine, do time, or both. My confusion stems from first hand knowledge of a crack addict arrested nearly a year ago for posession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and attempting to destroy evidence. This person is a squatter, a spousal abuser, a manic depressive, hit both her then boyfriend ...
Poster by ModronAesSedai Jan-20-2014 2:04 PM Views: 500 Comments: 0
Please if you see black great Dane are Siberian husky give me a call lost today 1/13/14 6613335834 thank you
Poster by skiles1983 Jan-13-2014 7:14 PM Views: 1059 Comments: 0
01/08/2014 Hello all I made it to the river over the weekend and the weather was again very cooperative. I drove up past Kernville and fished/camped around Headquarters campground. The fee is $20 a night on the weekends or $18 a night during the week and I will say I am not impressed with the amount of work they put into upkeep. If you are a camper you know what I mean. I have a converted ...
Poster by skip Jan-8-2014 7:14 PM Views: 612 Comments: 0
Please if you see my dog please let me know. He went missing on Dec 27 in the Stine Rd and Taft Hwy
Poster by JosieHernandez Dec-29-2013 3:48 PM Views: 808 Comments: 0
Dec. 31 2013 is the scheduled closing date for Satellite Wagering in Tulare, The valley might expect to see two new facilities open in the future. One the Noriega House in Bakersfield has completed its application and another the Aviator Casino in Delano it very interested. Just seems the north home tracks are moving very slow, compared to Southern region that has opened 4 or 5 new betting ...
Poster by firststreet Nov-25-2013 12:01 PM Views: 667 Comments: 0
Do you have questions regarding the spiritual realm? Psychic/mystic? Non psychic, prophetic man of God. Questions? Did you know going to a psychic actually curses you by the real God? I can prove it. When I took that route it was because my true call was to follow the ultimate power and energy, blessing of this universe. So I was drawn to the wrong place, the new age. It got me sick, it ...
Poster by Prophet Aug-14-2013 11:54 AM Views: 455 Comments: 0
I found this video on Youtube about Humboldt!
Poster by Google Jul-15-2013 12:55 AM Views: 803 Comments: 0
For BC maybe.
Poster by exodusk8 May-31-2013 9:09 AM Views: 1105 Comments: 5
Im looking for boxes. Used boxes to build a new fort. Know where I can get one?
Poster by exodusk8 May-31-2013 8:46 AM Views: 990 Comments: 1
Stacy got her first main event win last Saturday night at Rocky Hill Speedway she took the lead about halfway through and never looked back she probably should have because the 2nd place car was never more than 2 car lengths behind her third and fourth were right there also she ran a flawless race and earned her first main event victory with authority
Poster by cnsautorecycling May-28-2013 1:26 PM Views: 793 Comments: 1
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