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No mini stocks racing at the speedway this weekend Stay's next race will be Sept.15th SEE YOU THERE
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Not a good night, issues with cars slower and stopping in front of us (see picture on our face book page) anyway we have a solid hold on rookie of the year and 4th in points over all & the car is running great. Next races are 9/15 & 9/22/12 Mini Stocks (16 cars) A Main 1. #79 Doug Shepherd 2. #7 Gary Spiller Jr 3. #2x Kyle Hood 4. #8 Darren Sherman 5. #29M Anthony Montilepre 6. ...
Poster by cnsautorecycling Sep-4-2012 4:16 PM Views: 691 Comments: 0
C and S Auto Recycling. LLC RACE DAY Stacy and the "NEW 22" are going hunting for a win with the big dogs tonight. Had a good run last week with an ill handling car. Max and I believe we have those problems solved soooo we will see what happens. Any one watching the points might see that we are in 4th 40 points behind the #49 car who is holding on tight to the 3rd spot at 2 point per ...
Poster by cnsautorecycling Sep-1-2012 10:50 AM Views: 688 Comments: 0
The Bakersfield Speedway Mini Stocks pulled off their first GREEN TO CHECKER MAIN EVENT SATURDAY NIGHT (no yellow flag's). Stacy Evans in the "NEW 22" had a pretty good night. We missed the set up after the crash in the last race, but Stacy was able to pass some cars get through lap traffic and stay with the leaders then after the checkers flew and the dust settled she came home ...
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It's Saturday and we are going racing. The new #22 race car is ready and Stacy is pumped there are only 4 more points races left & we have a strong hold on 4th place. If you have not been out to watch you really should it's great family fun. SEE YOU AT THE RACES
Poster by cnsautorecycling Aug-25-2012 11:50 AM Views: 660 Comments: 0
At paladin gaming!
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I just wanted to tell everyone I added a "I Like This" button to the classifieds, blog, and local news so far. Pretty much what it does is if you like something you click the button and it ends up on your field and the fields of all your followers, so they will see what you like. Plus its saved on your field so you can always find what you liked again! OK G-night.
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The REALTOR Numbers Nerd Strikes Again: First glance at Bakersfield’s 2nd Quarter Stats & Highway 99: Bakersfield’s Great Divide Property value appreciation shown in 12% median sales price jump from 2012 1st Quarter and Pronounced difference in median values on East and West sides of the 99 highlight the stories being told by Second ...
Poster by JRLewis Jul-4-2012 4:52 PM Views: 964 Comments: 0
I thought it would be cool to have the news streaming into the site :) This will keep us all up to date on what is going on in town. These news articles are from the Bakersfield Californian and Channel 23 KERO, so to see the whole article click on the link!
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