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Here we go again. Somehow I convinced myself we were done for the year. Somehow Stacy and Kathy convinced me to put the car back together for another run at Porterville's Rocky Hill Speedway this Sunday, So after the usual how are we gonna fix this meeting Max and I came up with a plan and got it done. Remember this is the Veteran's Day race so it starts at 2:00pm on Sunday the 11th. ...
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I had to give everybody a random username if you didn't make one but it easy to make one. Click on Edit Your Profile when signed in and you can make one in there. I think it's cool! :) Mine is You be anything you want unless it's taken.
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Rocky Hill Speedway in Porterville Ca. What can I say I raced there in the 80's and it has not changed. The track is a narrow rough rutted car eating monster. All that being said Stacy and the new 22 were fast. We really like their "Every body's racing when the green flag fly's" way of starting the race, which means you don't have to wait or get to the flag stand to ...
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Stacy and the NEW 22 had a good night she finished 2nd in her heat. Stacy was faster the the leader of that heat race she just could not get around her. A good handful of fast cars showed up for the last race, and Stacy starting from 7th made some difficult pass's and did her best to run down the leaders. With the points leader #79 Doug S. hot on her tail and the championship runner up ...
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The final point's race is here. The date is 9 "22" Stacy's number is "22". Today happens to be the first day of Autumn. The thing we will be saying is at last we gotum. SEE YOU AT THE RACES
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Over 850000 views in a week but it's filmed in Bakersfield so it's awesome being able to recognize ever place they are at! lol This is the original video if you haven't seen it, it's kind of funny :P
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You know luck is a fickle thing. Stacy showed good in her heat race finishing 3rd because of her points standing she is to start the main 3rd row inside. The bad news a car that has been struggling and is just not as fast is on the pole, this means the inside line will be held up on the start and the outside lane will have the advantage. Here comes luck bad for the intended pole sitter her car ...
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About to close up go home and load up and you guessed it GO RACING. Stacy is pumped the car is ready and we have some small give away's for the kids in the stands. SEE YOU AT THE RACES
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This is a great way to save a lot of money for anyone who is somewhat car savvy and dose not mind putting forth some extra effort to get a car or truck that they may not otherwise be able to afford. I am not just saying this because I am in the business, I truly believe it. I want to make it clear this is not for everyone. A person needs to know going in the the vehicle they are buying is ...
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