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Is there any people desiring to form a fellowship to pray and sing, worship God and to encourage men and women. A pastor opened his little ministry to me to facilitate meetings. But I am open to have meeting almost any where. I have by the grace of God successfully sponsored a men's group wich functions and is blessed right now. It meets once a week. I am open to build more groups ...
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Anyway I am done working on this today fixing glitches and stuff and making the home page look better. I need a break!
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Wikipedia acknowledges Bako as a nickname for Bakersfield :),_California
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On your field page, now when one of the people you are following list something in classifieds it now shows a picture of the item. Check it out on mine to see it! I have to get to the bowling alley and check some games now!
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Looking for people to ride bikes mostly along the bike path hit me up anyone is welcomed
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Kern County Fair Board will vote Dec. 17, at 3pm whether to keep Satellite Wagering open. Satellite Wagering located at the Kern County Fairgrounds opened April 1, 1987, fair manager Mike olcott cites lak of profit as reason. Mr. Olcott has moved swiftly seeking the boards approval for closure. Mike Olcott was appointed by fellow fair board members to sucede fair manager Bill Blair on his ...
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Ok so my race Sunday at Rocky Hill. I won my heat race (by Half a track). I qualified to be in the trophy Dash. I finished fourth in that. Started second row inside for the A main. I was third for a while second-place broke then I was second-place (the leader was a full race pro 4 superstock) for a while then I popped a tire caused the yellow. Went off the track got the tire fixed went back on ...
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Here we go again. Somehow I convinced myself we were done for the year. Somehow Stacy and Kathy convinced me to put the car back together for another run at Porterville's Rocky Hill Speedway this Sunday, So after the usual how are we gonna fix this meeting Max and I came up with a plan and got it done. Remember this is the Veteran's Day race so it starts at 2:00pm on Sunday the 11th. ...
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I had to give everybody a random username if you didn't make one but it easy to make one. Click on Edit Your Profile when signed in and you can make one in there. I think it's cool! :) Mine is You be anything you want unless it's taken.
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Rocky Hill Speedway in Porterville Ca. What can I say I raced there in the 80's and it has not changed. The track is a narrow rough rutted car eating monster. All that being said Stacy and the new 22 were fast. We really like their "Every body's racing when the green flag fly's" way of starting the race, which means you don't have to wait or get to the flag stand to ...
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