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I was playing disc golf at Kern River Parkway with friends and found the scariest oil pump lol!
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Wow 04-13-13 at Rocky hill. Stacy was as fast as she has ever been. We won our heat race by half a track, Stacy was leading the main event when a deep rut in the track grabbed the right front wheel and broke a tie rod this brought out a yellow and max was able to replace the broken part and get her back on the the track just 3 laps down thanks to some one else's yellow. Stacy as only able to ...
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Well here's how it went;We broke a lower control arm in practice. We hit a spun out lap car in our heat race and still finished 2nd, but that bent the car a lot and broke the radiator. Max and I got all that fixed. We went into the main without a hood and ran great Stacy raced hard was in the lead for a while and in 2nd a long time but there were lots of crash's (Stacy missed the all!) ...
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It was a rough night all the way around. We had self inflicted ignition problems in our heat then in the main something on right front suspension gave up and Stacy and the new 22 went crashing into the wall breaking and bending pretty much the whole right front off the car. And breaking some of the rear control stuff. Max and I replaced all the broken parts. The car is now at H&S Body Works ...
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Max and I found the problem (a broken wire in a wire loom) and we fixed it! Stacy and the new 22 will be back at Bakersfield Speedway Sat 3-31-13 so come cheer her on and don't forget YOU can still be a sponsor with your name on the car for a fee. If we don't see you before hand we will "SEE YOU AT THE RACES"
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Sorry for the late report about Stacy and the new 22 at the rock our car was one of if not the fastest on the track BUT we had some electrical problems through out the night and did not finish We are planing to run at Bakersfield Speedway March 30th. You can see some video of her heat race on our face book page Evans Racing SEE YOU AT THE RACES ...
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Hello everyone it's been a long off season but this month we are back to racing. Went to Rocky Hill Speedway Sunday to practice and did great the first race at the Porterville track is Sat March 16th. SEE YOU AT THE RACE'S
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Now you can :)
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You can write a blog on music stuff going on in Bakersfield.
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