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I just thought it was funny, check it out she is at a thousand so far!
Poster by Party Feb-22-2014 1:57 PM Views: 725 Comments: 0
Hello everyone it is time for me to update you on the fishing. I have been avoiding the river and concentrating on Lake Ming and fishing from the shore. In the past 10 days I have gone 5 times and had varing degrees of success. I fish the left side of the lake if you are looking at it from the road but both parking areas have been busy so the fishermen are spread out. I have seen around a hundred ...
Poster by skip Feb-18-2014 12:47 PM Views: 707 Comments: 1
1/31/14 Hi all and welcome to my next edition of Fishing the Kern. I decided to stay close this week and camped at the Kern river camping area located near Ming lake. The prices are very cheap as it is off season and it only costs $11 a night and the place was empty. I arrived on Monday about 1:00 and stayed until Thursday noon or so when the cold and drizzle made my ...
Poster by skip Jan-31-2014 2:38 PM Views: 617 Comments: 0
I am training for the 2014 L.A. Marathon and am hoping you can help me raise money for Kitten Rescue all the while running 26.2 miles. You can go to my site and see how you can donate online via Crowdrise. Please watch Olive's video and see how she was helped by Kitten Rescue and other cats and dogs will continue to be helped. Please donate! ...
Poster by lizzieo12 Jan-26-2014 11:28 PM Views: 881 Comments: 0
I was under the impression that if you get arrested for a felony, you will have to either pay a fine, do time, or both. My confusion stems from first hand knowledge of a crack addict arrested nearly a year ago for posession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and attempting to destroy evidence. This person is a squatter, a spousal abuser, a manic depressive, hit both her then boyfriend ...
Poster by ModronAesSedai Jan-20-2014 2:04 PM Views: 444 Comments: 0
Please if you see black great Dane are Siberian husky give me a call lost today 1/13/14 6613335834 thank you
Poster by skiles1983 Jan-13-2014 7:14 PM Views: 936 Comments: 0
01/08/2014 Hello all I made it to the river over the weekend and the weather was again very cooperative. I drove up past Kernville and fished/camped around Headquarters campground. The fee is $20 a night on the weekends or $18 a night during the week and I will say I am not impressed with the amount of work they put into upkeep. If you are a camper you know what I mean. I have a converted ...
Poster by skip Jan-8-2014 7:14 PM Views: 531 Comments: 0
lost german shepard over the new years, he is a loving dog his name is buddy and 2 children are missing him already. please call Margie at 827-8578
Poster by margie Jan-1-2014 8:11 AM Views: 655 Comments: 0
I am new to Bakersfield and this site as well, I should say new means I have been here for less than a year. I have looked around for fishing news or advice and only found the Bakersfield Californian as a reference so I am going to start posting information about the Kern river. While my writing skills may not be great I will try to give regular reports on fishing success, water flow, animal life ...
Poster by skip Dec-31-2013 10:07 AM Views: 567 Comments: 1
Please if you see my dog please let me know. He went missing on Dec 27 in the Stine Rd and Taft Hwy
Poster by JosieHernandez Dec-29-2013 3:48 PM Views: 717 Comments: 0
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