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Poster by sciwriterdave Jun-15-2016 6:30 PM Views: 791 Comments: 0
It takes effort to get things right and things are no different for the people who write the scripts to the biggest movies. To get the science right, Paul Feig turned to a Jefferson Laboratory particle physicist to get the science right behind the movie. Check what that scientist had to say about working on set.
Poster by sciwriterdave May-30-2016 9:23 PM Views: 515 Comments: 0
The new Ghostbusters (2016) features a major upgrade to an iconic device: The Proton Pack. In the original movie, the Proton Pack was a portable particle accelerator that emitted a stream of positively-charged protons to ensnare negatively charged spiritual entities. This device was based on one of the earliest particle accelerators: the cyclotron. The upgraded Proton Pack is based on a more ...
Poster by sciwriterdave May-29-2016 7:14 PM Views: 698 Comments: 0
Jacob Buckingham on Aug 24, 2013 went to go pick up his son unexpectedly early morning hours of Sat morning at 2 am. He had celebrated a new job and his birthday at a BBQ at home the evening before and had drank some beer and a couple of mixed drinks 6 hours prior to this. Jake was in an accident at a 4 way stop sign the other vehicle had a mother and 2 daughters and their boyfriends the daughter ...
Poster by twhitegirl3808 Oct-11-2014 2:59 PM Views: 661 Comments: 1
The Fire House on white lane in Bakersfield to host the New Satellite Wagering facility. Will be one of the best places to visit in California. Satellite wagering will get the atmosphere, the fun, excitement. Starting August new and great location at the Fire House in Bakersfield.
Poster by firststreet Jul-22-2014 9:29 PM Views: 573 Comments: 1
Just dissected the new stats this morning. Bakersfield bankruptcies are up 3% in 2014. Where's that recovery we were promised? Darren Walker <a href="">Bakersfield Bankruptcy</a>
Poster by Darren66 Jul-1-2014 1:02 PM Views: 939 Comments: 0
I don't understand how Travis Lamb has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter when it was clearly a case of self defense. Travis, 28, was found guilty on March 12, 2014. I Kimmy Holliday was with Travis directly after the incident occurred on March 23. Travis was driving through the parking lot when one of two men smacked the back of Travis's truck with his hand. Travis turned ...
Poster by kimmyholliday Apr-6-2014 6:07 AM Views: 1111 Comments: 4
I just thought it was funny, check it out she is at a thousand so far!
Poster by Party Feb-22-2014 1:57 PM Views: 587 Comments: 0
Hello everyone it is time for me to update you on the fishing. I have been avoiding the river and concentrating on Lake Ming and fishing from the shore. In the past 10 days I have gone 5 times and had varing degrees of success. I fish the left side of the lake if you are looking at it from the road but both parking areas have been busy so the fishermen are spread out. I have seen around a hundred ...
Poster by skip Feb-18-2014 12:47 PM Views: 563 Comments: 1
1/31/14 Hi all and welcome to my next edition of Fishing the Kern. I decided to stay close this week and camped at the Kern river camping area located near Ming lake. The prices are very cheap as it is off season and it only costs $11 a night and the place was empty. I arrived on Monday about 1:00 and stayed until Thursday noon or so when the cold and drizzle made my ...
Poster by skip Jan-31-2014 2:38 PM Views: 506 Comments: 0
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