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I drink tons of energy drinks like this girl and I act just as CrAzy but sometimes I mix them with Vodka! haha Sometimes I don't like all the sugar!
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I think this is going to be cool, I made the site so people can follow you. So if you list something in the classified ads or write a blog, everyone that follows you will see it on there field!
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I just added a five day forecast to the weather page.
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Just spotted a DUI checkpoint on California ave. Drink responsibly and get a Taxi if your drunk, their only like $10.
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Five men, in their late teens to early 20s, tried to rob a guy in the Valley Plaza Mall and then stabbed him! It would be nice of the Valley Plaza to show its surveillance videos, their is only hundreds of cameras all over the entire mall. Then every one else would know who to watch out for.
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I think its working might have to tweak a few things, then I can move on to events! I added the weather too, I will make it better soon and add a five day forecast!
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To change the zoning from P(parking) and R-1(for single family homes) to C-2(districts allow land uses of greater impact than C1. C2 businesses might include medical buildings, small libraries, and museums - businesses that create more traffic than C1 businesses, but are not viewed as disruptive to neighborhoods.) Near Brundage and Holtby. I wander ...
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So I decided to create this blog as a way for me to vent about my lovely job while protecting the identities of my co-workers and to protect my own ass. Let me begin with a lovely story ... There is a girl I work with, who I'll call The Gerbil, she annoys the hell out of me half the time. She hadn't been with our office very long. She's always seeking attention, at the potluck she cut ...
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I just ordered the combination plate for $5.00 and its enough food for two people and its always good! I just thought I would let people know a good place to get good Mexican food for a little money! Tacos La Villa 810 Chester ave 93301 My Proof I would have taken a picture of the food but I already started eating it :) [image]tacos la villa ...
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Damn the man who put me down. It's a conspiracy, I swear. So I get this email from the head boss today: Corporate Whore, I noticed you were wearing headphones today. I know you were not at the last staff meeting so you may not be aware that headphones for listening to music are not allowed in staff work areas. However, they can be used as part of a telephone headset. Thanks, The Man. ...
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