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I just made it easier for people to contact you, now when you list something for sale people don't have to sign up to bako to contact you!
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Big Marge in front of me! Cruz Thru Express Car Wash downtown my favorite car wash!
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This looks fun, corn maze, food, pumpkins and Halloween! Only a few days left! Their website
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Musical Road 3187 W Ave G, Lancaster, California 93536 Now even faster!! 80Mph
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This is their song Naked Kids This is their website:
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Lisa Green guest speaker at Kaplan College summer 2011 graduation. Sep 9 How to apply for a job and what she looks for when she hires people.
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Driving on the freeway in a crappy 91 Toyota Corolla! So my max speed is about 65 sometimes I get it to 70 but the whole car kinda shakes. Then you have the A$$ hole driving the brand new BMW behind honking and tailgating you to move faster!! But I can't, oh don't get me wrong I want to go fast, really fast but I can't! It is literally impossible for me not to drive the recommended speed limit. ...
Poster by kate Aug-25-2011 4:34 PM Views: 1313 Comments: 7
I would post something for sale but I am too sleepy!
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Omg I'm so glad I sold my stock this morning as soon as the market opened before apple suspended trade of their stocks before the announcement. This is crazy! Steve Jobs resigns
Poster by hunnybumm Aug-24-2011 4:58 PM Views: 747 Comments: 0
Hi BakoSphere, Thanks for the blog! I work on this site everyday, its fun!
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