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It just sucks
Poster by pqda Nov-14-2011 10:49 AM Views: 643 Comments: 0
Phone internet is weird
Poster by pqda Nov-14-2011 9:45 AM Views: 558 Comments: 0
im intrested in exercize after work and on weekends i love riding my bike and playing raquetball or just hiting the gym but im open to sugestions
Poster by pqda Nov-14-2011 9:38 AM Views: 802 Comments: 0
anyone who needs cleaners for houses we are the people for the job, dont worry about the cost of our service, its super cheap, some of us are just trying to make a little money and experience to get jobs, and to help out for those that have big houses and no time to clean all day... just post if you are interested, i check daily...
Poster by DeadlyCorpses Nov-13-2011 10:43 PM Views: 730 Comments: 0
Poster by DeadlyCorpses Nov-13-2011 10:34 PM Views: 860 Comments: 0
Waddup Bakersfield? if you haven't heard the news yet,Bakersfield will be getting a two special visitors on december 21st!! Reel Big Fish AND Streetlight Manifesto under one roof!! I hope it gets to be a sold out show so that we can have a bigger music scene.Please do yourself a favor and buy a ticket for yourself,your friends,family,and even your dog!!! it's gonna be a great night!
Poster by gbjm Nov-8-2011 11:50 AM Views: 868 Comments: 3
Hey Bakersfield! I was thinking of starting some kind of group where we can all get together a couple times during the week and run or workout. I was thinking like a club or something. IF any of you are interested or for more info please respond! For now this is just a thot but I'd like to get something started :)
Poster by mgrwc14 Nov-7-2011 5:59 PM Views: 1017 Comments: 13
So I've heard a Golden Corral opened last week on Ming ave. This is a really huge buffet! I have been to them in Texas and it was a pretty tasty buffet. The only other buffet of this kind in Bako is Home Town, and in my opinion it is pretty run down and always way to busy. I'm stoked to go check it out so I'll see ya there!
Poster by kate Nov-6-2011 3:47 PM Views: 949 Comments: 5
Is there anything to do in this city? I just moved here for school and know no one and I don't know what there is to do that's fun lol let me know!! Thanks
Poster by mgrwc14 Nov-4-2011 2:16 PM Views: 1073 Comments: 8
Now I like coffee and I drink it all the time plus I am starting to build a coffee fort around my computer! lol But this animal coffee OMG its made from real animal poop and it is real expensive, I don't think I would ever want to drink it!!! haha I had to tell someone check out their website
Poster by Google Nov-3-2011 3:15 AM Views: 713 Comments: 1
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