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I thought this would be a really cool idea for the site, pretty much I am going to go around to local businesses and ask them to give me great deals for the people of! So far the owner of Pizza Bobs in the East Hills Mall is going to except $10 of Bako cash towards a $25 order at his pizza restaurant for anything on the menu! So anybody that is already signed up to Bako can print the ...
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I added a feed and built a Facebook page for Bako! I will figure out more I can do with it later! Bako on Facebook
Poster by Google Nov-29-2011 3:15 PM Views: 590 Comments: 0
Ill buy evryone a shot lets make it a party lol
Poster by pqda Nov-22-2011 9:01 PM Views: 1019 Comments: 6
Friday 11/18/11 there will be live bands playing at Fishlips! They start at 9. My cousin's band is playing and they are awesome! I know at least one other band will be performing. Usually I'm not a fan of Fishlips but when they have live bands it's really cool in there! $12 cover but it's worth it!! more info
Poster by hunnybumm Nov-15-2011 10:01 PM Views: 983 Comments: 4
I hope this site is the bigest and best site to ever hit bakersfield
Poster by pqda Nov-15-2011 9:01 PM Views: 1060 Comments: 2
I just posted on twitter check me out at bkexercisegroup thats my screen name feel free to add me
Poster by pqda Nov-15-2011 7:33 PM Views: 878 Comments: 0
Poot the link on facebook twitter and even myspace
Poster by pqda Nov-15-2011 5:40 PM Views: 1119 Comments: 9
man i have a tuff time in Bakersfield looking for a job if anybody have any info about were i should apply at let me know
Poster by duag Nov-14-2011 4:06 PM Views: 1071 Comments: 2
Im a beginer at tennis i want somone to hit a few balls with i also like squash raquetball and handball Does anyone know how to play horse shoes and my other hobies are fitness hiting the gym and drinking beer lol if any of these intrest you dont be shy im a good guy
Poster by pqda Nov-14-2011 11:01 AM Views: 700 Comments: 0
Not fight club just practice what you know and learn from eachother it would be fun to have a co ed class where we all learn from eachother
Poster by pqda Nov-14-2011 10:58 AM Views: 698 Comments: 8
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