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That it is also posted on the's and page too.
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But I fixed it! Now I started adding some other cities to it so far I have Wasco and Tehachapi. If you want to see some others let me know here!
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If you order the Big Burger and tell them no muster and ketchup and add mayonnaise and spacial sauce, it's like getting the Famous Star for $1.29 instead of $2.69. For some reason I like eating at Carl's Jr all the time haha
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Maybe because the crazy weather we are having but I was not happy with the weather forecast but now I am! I changed it completely to give all kinds of info of the outside weather here in Bakersfield!
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Now if you want something you can tell the people of Bakersfield what you are looking for! Maybe someone has it :)
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Let's have a bako drinking club meeting this Friday!
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Its basically a page I created on FB. This is a page that I have made for people who have stuff for sale. Feel free to post anything you may have to sell on my wall if its somthing illegal it will be deleated. Also I just wanted to say that if you have any events coming up and you want the public to know about it post it here !!!! Its free advertising. If you have any questions hit ...
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There are so many people. The line to see Santa at 11:30 was all the way around the Santa square. And he didn't even start till 12! We are here at 1:30 and the line is just as long. It's like parent torture!!!
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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream in the East Hill Mall has agreed to; buy one item and get the second same item free for anything on the menu! Plus I added the menu for Pizza Bob's $10 off a $25 order. Both places located in the East Hill Mall, you can use both Bako Cash coupons at the same time.
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Now at the bottom of every page you can like the page or send messages to your friends on Facebook!
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