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Bako team working on making the site cleaner and user friendly and we think it is coming along good! Now we just have to get more people !
Poster by bako Jun-2-2017 1:03 PM Views: 1047 Comments: 0
But If anyone knows any bakersfield events that are going on like places to go for St. Patrick’s Day you should add them! :)
Poster by Google Mar-15-2017 12:48 AM Views: 595 Comments: 0
You can now easily log in with your facebook account. The Bakersfield news is back up and running gathering a feed of the local news from the Channel 17, 23, 29, KUZZ, and Bakersfield californian. Its so clear and cold out you can see the mountains!!
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Poster by smithp12 Feb-10-2013 1:24 AM Views: 1717 Comments: 0
Anyway I am done working on this today fixing glitches and stuff and making the home page look better. I need a break!
Poster by Google Jan-2-2013 10:21 PM Views: 1027 Comments: 0
On your field page, now when one of the people you are following list something in classifieds it now shows a picture of the item. Check it out on mine to see it! I have to get to the bowling alley and check some games now!
Poster by Google Dec-1-2012 11:09 AM Views: 1001 Comments: 0
i am looking for private homes to clean in bakersfield area. my prices are 70.00 and up and depend what u want done in your home i charge by job and been doing it for 20 yrs. i do have references upon request. my web site you see says pismo beach mean i am try start business down there but am still in bakersfield working and will for awhile. please contact text me at 661-243-0255
Poster by beachlady60 Sep-20-2012 9:06 PM Views: 818 Comments: 0
I just wanted to tell everyone I added a "I Like This" button to the classifieds, blog, and local news so far. Pretty much what it does is if you like something you click the button and it ends up on your field and the fields of all your followers, so they will see what you like. Plus its saved on your field so you can always find what you liked again! OK G-night.
Poster by Google Jul-6-2012 4:52 AM Views: 902 Comments: 1
I thought it would be cool to have the news streaming into the site :) This will keep us all up to date on what is going on in town. These news articles are from the Bakersfield Californian and Channel 23 KERO, so to see the whole article click on the link!
Poster by Google Jun-27-2012 5:41 PM Views: 982 Comments: 0
I am trying to make the site easier to navigate and now it is easier to edit classified listings. I took all the navigation off your field page and put it at the top of every page. I think this is a really good improvement makes a lot of stuff easier!
Poster by Google Jun-12-2012 3:46 AM Views: 882 Comments: 4
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