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I was over at Burger King on California Ave next to Camelot Park and this BMW is all burnt up! The girl at the drive-thru said it has been there for a week! Anyway, I took some pics of it.
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It's not about federal employees scrounging for food, or local business on the ropes, but the BakoPaper finally found space today for insightful, in-depth government shutdown journalism skewed to Trump fans.
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Lets help Lyndsie Brooks teacher at Richland Jr. High win $1000 for her class. Go to Print Centers Facebook pg. and when you see their $1000 Teacher Scholarship Post click view all comments. When you see Linda Mickles comment nominating Lyndsie Brooks click like for that comment. If that comment gets the most likes she will win. Deadline Feb. 28 at noon. I appreciate your help and support. ...
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I nominated Lyndsie Brooks to win $1000 for her class. We need people to go to Print Centers Facebook page $1000 Teacher Scholarship Post. Click view all comments. When you see Linda Mickles comment nominating Lyndsie Brooks, click like for that comment. If that comment gets the most likes Lyndsie will win. Deadline Feb. 28 at noon. Thanks
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Opens at 9am till 4pm 62+ get free parking and admission to the fair!
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I don't know how long this will last but enter code: Kcfair in the promo box and get the $12 fair ticket for $9 plus the $1 convenience fee! Save a little money plus wont have to wait in line when you get there!
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I just read some news articles on it today and this place looks like its going to be amazing! Its going to be in the old Home Club building that turned into Home Base then Home Depot then some random furniture store now its going to be The BLVD! Bowling alley. They are saying 45000 sq ft, 22 lanes, 2 story laser tag arena, 15 foot TV's over the ...
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Need your Family Court Documents served to the other party? Go to this website Express Legal Process Service, can do it for you. Email us at:
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Starting a new Running Group in Bakersfield! What are your Goals??? *Lose Weight? *Stay In-shape? *Get into Shape? Whatever it may be you can contact me to make it happen! It is totally free! I have wellness products to help out while we get you to reach your goal! I am a 23 yr old male who has done sports all my life and before I give it up I want to continue staying in-shape while ...
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Wikipedia acknowledges Bako as a nickname for Bakersfield :),_California
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