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500 people in line at McDonald's at 10:45 in the morning! I need to stop eating junk food lol
Poster by Google Sep-3-2017 10:46 AM Views: 976 Comments: 0
I walked and ran 10 miles today! Way too much lol! My weight is 178 and I think I want to get down to 165. I think I ate too much today but tomorrow I might try adding up my calories. I am going to try to eat healthier too, less sugar, less salt(it holds all that water weight!) and more water. Today I did alright but I did eat some random french bread and macaroni! I wasn't hungry I just ...
Poster by Google Jul-27-2017 2:48 AM Views: 827 Comments: 0
I went to Clay's on California avenue two times and the food is really good! I got the Eggs Benedict for breakfast one day, super good and I got the Clay’s Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger the other day really good too! :) You should try them out.
Poster by Google Apr-22-2012 3:43 PM Views: 1045 Comments: 0
If you order the Big Burger and tell them no muster and ketchup and add mayonnaise and spacial sauce, it's like getting the Famous Star for $1.29 instead of $2.69. For some reason I like eating at Carl's Jr all the time haha
Poster by Google Jan-24-2012 6:05 AM Views: 752 Comments: 0
So I've heard a Golden Corral opened last week on Ming ave. This is a really huge buffet! I have been to them in Texas and it was a pretty tasty buffet. The only other buffet of this kind in Bako is Home Town, and in my opinion it is pretty run down and always way to busy. I'm stoked to go check it out so I'll see ya there!
Poster by kate Nov-6-2011 3:47 PM Views: 991 Comments: 5
I just ordered the combination plate for $5.00 and its enough food for two people and its always good! I just thought I would let people know a good place to get good Mexican food for a little money! Tacos La Villa 810 Chester ave 93301 My Proof I would have taken a picture of the food but I already started eating it :) [image]tacos la villa ...
Poster by Google Jul-25-2011 7:50 PM Views: 1513 Comments: 5
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