The Science behind The Ghostbuster's Proton Pack
Posted: May-29-2016 7:14 PM in Technology

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The new Ghostbusters (2016) features a major upgrade to an iconic device: The Proton Pack. In the original movie, the Proton Pack was a portable particle accelerator that emitted a stream of positively-charged protons to ensnare negatively charged spiritual entities. This device was based on one of the earliest particle accelerators: the cyclotron.

The upgraded Proton Pack is based on a more advanced particle accelerator design: the synchrotron. Like the synchrotrons that make up many of the modern-day particle accelerators, this allows for higher energy particle streams. The idea behind the upgrade was due to the movie’s science consultant, and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility particle physicist, James Maxwell.

Both the movie's writers, Paul Feig and Katie Dippold have put considerable effort into getting the science right. It is definitely worth a look at the science behind the Proton Pack.

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