Streetlight Manifestro & Reel Big Fish at the Dome!!! 12/21
Posted: Nov-8-2011 11:50 AM in Night Life

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Waddup Bakersfield?

if you haven't heard the news yet,Bakersfield will be getting a two special visitors on december 21st!!

Reel Big Fish AND Streetlight Manifesto under one roof!!

I hope it gets to be a sold out show so that we can have a bigger music scene.Please do yourself a favor and buy a ticket for yourself,your friends,family,and even your dog!!!

it's gonna be a great night!

Posted: Nov-8-2011 7:57 PM

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That is cool! Thanks for posting this, Reel Big Fish is awesome! Where do people buy the tickets at the Dome or Online?

If its online post the link it's easy to do.

All the blog post go to [url=!/bakocom]bako's twitter[/url] account too!

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Posted: Nov-9-2011 3:48 PM

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The tickets are $85+ each!

I found some here. I'm sure they are other places too.

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Posted: Nov-10-2011 8:36 AM

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the $85 is just a placeholder for now

Tickets aren't yet available,seeing as how it's going to be at the Dome it SHOULD range from $15-25(max)