I tried out Bakersfield Karting Experience!
Posted: Apr-27-2017 3:51 PM in Sports

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Very fun, me and my sisters rode the go Karts and had lunch. If you haven't tried it out yet you should totally go over there, it's the old Costco building http://www.bakersfieldke.com/

When you first walk in you see this really cool arcade with some nice shinny games but no DDR haha but they do have Top Skater if you're into old games!

This was definitely a great idea until some drunk person kicked the ball so hard they busted that TV in the corner!

What a perfect place on the wall for a giant Bako.com ad :) seeing how the whole building is covered in advertisement which looks really cool!

Marianna tried to win the race and I wish I had got some more pictures in the go Kart racing but at 45MPH and my first time there I was a little nervous on what to do and it's definitely different than driving in your car. It's like G forces when you're flying around the track!

Go get their lunch special it's a great deal!

Their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BakersfieldKE/

Sidenote: I need a walkie talkie in the helmet so I can talk to my sisters and tell them I am going to zoom by them! oh yeah!

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