Golden Corral..
Posted: Nov-6-2011 3:47 PM in Food

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So I've heard a Golden Corral opened last week on Ming ave. This is a really huge buffet! I have been to them in Texas and it was a pretty tasty buffet. The only other buffet of this kind in Bako is Home Town, and in my opinion it is pretty run down and always way to busy. I'm stoked to go check it out so I'll see ya there!

Posted: Nov-7-2011 10:00 PM

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They have them all over in North Carolina. They are really good! I don't like buffets though. I feel like I have to eat a ton of food to make it worth it. Then I just feel sick. Lol

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Posted: Nov-8-2011 9:53 AM

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I've been wantin to go there as well as the Buffalo Wild Wings that just opened up too.

Posted: Nov-8-2011 11:51 AM

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I've heard that the staff isn't the greatest,is it true that they're very rude?

Posted: Nov-14-2011 10:44 AM

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I dont realy like home town but they have remodeled it recently and the food is better

Posted: Nov-14-2011 1:35 PM

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I'm not sure about how nice the staff is, but I did hear that 4,000 people applied to work there. They hired 200 employees! It would be pretty sad if they are rude seeing as they just opened :\.