Fishing the Kern
Posted: Feb-18-2014 12:47 PM in Sports

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Hello everyone it is time for me to update you on the fishing. I have been avoiding the river and concentrating on Lake Ming and fishing from the shore. In the past 10 days I have gone 5 times and had varing degrees of success. I fish the left side of the lake if you are looking at it from the road but both parking areas have been busy so the fishermen are spread out. I have seen around a hundred and fifty trout caught on a variety of things and I will list them in order of success.

Light green Power Bait with or without garlic flavor
Mouse tails with or without garlic or tipped with Power Bait
Salmon eggs
Gold Kastmasters
Meal worms

The standard rig being used is a light weight 6 ft rod and 4 lb test mono. A lot of the people are using slip sinkers above a swivel then tying on 18 inches of 2 lb leader. Bait casters are using treble hooks in size 14 to 18 and casting out 35 or 40 feet at most. Early in the morning around sunrise they hold a bit closer to the shoreline then in the afternoon move out a bit deeper. I have been using my ultra light ugly stick which is 4 1/2 ft long with 2 lb test and my fly rod and while I have caught a few on flies the action is slow as the fish are not rising much so I have been throwing bait a lot. The biggest fish I have caught and seen was around 2 1/2 lbs and was a hook jawed male in the 15-16 inch range and was easily handled with my light setup. I have been using garlic oil on my baits but it is 5 dollars a bottle and I have been told if you get mineral oil, crush up a bunch of raw garlic and let it ferment for a few days (at least) it works just as well and is much cheaper. I have not tried it yet but if you have let me know. The Dept. of Fish and Wildlife said they planted on Sunday the 16th and I was out on the 17th and got skunked and so did everyone I saw fishing except for a mother and son team that caught 4 fish in the one foot range and they were caught before 8 am so either the plant never happened or the fish have not shaken off the planting. I will write again in the next week or so and in my next blog I have a couple of numbers to call to find out the flow of water down the kern and instructions on finding the DFW planting schedule.....skip

Posted: Jun-21-2014 5:46 PM

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Hey skip how is the fishing going on in the kern? Is there anymore water left in that thing? It feels like it's dusty and hot everyday now in Bakersfield!

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