Fishing the Kern
Posted: Jan-31-2014 2:38 PM in Sports

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Hi all and welcome to my next edition of Fishing the Kern. I decided to stay close this week and camped at the Kern river camping area located near Ming lake. The prices are very cheap as it is off season and it only costs $11 a night and the place was empty. I arrived on Monday about 1:00 and stayed until Thursday noon or so when the cold and drizzle made my decision to stay one more night not a good one. Prior to that the weather was very nice, I would make a fire each night but in the morning it was comfortable just wearing a sweatshirt or jacket. I did however wake up on Thursday morning and made a quick fire because I was able to see my breath and the temp had dropped about 10 degrees from Wed. morning. The camp has about 50 sites divided into two sections which they open and close as demand dictates, this trip only two other groups showed up while I was there for one night each. I have to say for a camping spot so close to town it was extremely quiet and even a little lonely but don't feel bad for me I had a great time. This camp is 1st time camper and kid friendly as there are all the amenities you could want. The sites are spread out nicely with a large open grass area for the little ones to play in while you sit in your site and can still keep an eye on them. 200 yards away and up a small hill is a full playground to entertain them and as far as showers....toilets...and even electricity there is all that at this facility. I did a little fishing each day and the first day was kind of a slow day with just a couple of bumps and one small trout in the 10-11 inch range. I was using natural bait.....worms and garlic salmon eggs just cast out from the bank. I only fished a couple of hours the first day but the action was not fantastic. The second day I broke out my float tube and fly rod and got a little more aggressive in my pursuit of fish. Right next to the camping area are three slack water stretches, each about a football field long separated by short runs of fast water. I used floating line only this trip because the water is not deep enough to have to throw sinking line plus there is moss on the river bottom that can be a problem when fishing deep. I used smaller sized midges (#20) in brown and caught a couple of trout mostly right above the apron where the slow water dumps into the chute of fast water. I was going to take my float tube out on Ming lake but the sign there says bank fishing only, does anyone know if that means no wading out or is fishing from a float tube a no no? I never saw a ranger the three days I was there so I could not ask about the regs. If you have an answer for me get back to me as I would like to fish the weed patches on the lake for bass as the weather warms in the next couple of months. Thanks and bye for now......skip.