Fishing the Kern
Posted: Jan-8-2014 7:14 PM in Random

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Hello all I made it to the river over the weekend and the weather was again very cooperative. I drove up past Kernville and fished/camped around Headquarters campground. The fee is $20 a night on the weekends or $18 a night during the week and I will say I am not impressed with the amount of work they put into upkeep. If you are a camper you know what I mean. I have a converted van I use for short camping trips and I was very comfortable but it might have been a little cool for tent campers as it dropped down to freezing at night but the days were warm with highs in the mid to upper 60's. Headquarters campground is 4 miles north of Kernville and a very easy drive from Bakersfield, it is open all year and the sites are right on the river. If you are new to the upper Kern there is a section of blue ribbon water meaning special catch limits and bait restrictions. Flies and lures only in these areas so leave your worms, cheese bait or salmon eggs back at camp. These sections start 6-7 miles upstream from the campground so if you fish near and want to throw bait it isn't a problem. The upper river has more water than the lower stretches below Lake Isabella so I brought my belly boat or you might call it a float tube and got out into the slower moving wider water to do some flyfishing. I fished Sunday from 2:00 to 6:00 because by then if was cooling off and the light was just about gone. I started with a #18 dark brown midge pattern on floating line and picked up one fish that managed to bust me off only to find I didn't have any more dark brown so I switched to dark green and landed another foot long trout. I decided to change my fly around 4:30 to a dry fly in the royale coachman family and caught two more on the surface before calling it a day. Monday morning early I was drinking my coffee when 3 deer strolled through the campground and by their calm manner it was not their first visit. Also on the animal front were the usual crows, ground squirrels, lizards and a pair of hawks but as I was fishing that morning at the tail end of a long slow stretch through the fast water swam a very large and healthy looking beaver. I had to quickly strip in my line or risk snagging him or the branch he was towing upstream because he never paid a bit of attention to me floating in the water. With that I will close today's blog but just to let you know if you haven't bought your license yet or are new to California a single pole license is $45 and change with a two pole license coming in at $60 plus change. I know this is a new blog but thanks for the comment or two I got last week! Good luck to all and of course if you have info to share let me know........skip