DUI miscarriage of justice
Posted: Oct-11-2014 2:59 PM in News

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Jacob Buckingham on Aug 24, 2013 went to go pick up his son unexpectedly early morning hours of Sat morning at 2 am. He had celebrated a new job and his birthday at a BBQ at home the evening before and had drank some beer and a couple of mixed drinks 6 hours prior to this. Jake was in an accident at a 4 way stop sign the other vehicle had a mother and 2 daughters and their boyfriends the daughter was driving with a provisional license. The Responding CHP officer Harris questioned Jake and preformed FST's after Jake was honest as to when and how much he drank earlier. And officer Harris arrested Jake with out preforming a title 17 regulations DUI investigation, he did not have Jake preform the FST's in front of the cruiser dash can, he did not read Jake his miranda rights, he did not take any accident scene photos, he did not offer Jake any medical attention, he did not question the one witness to the accident, he did not talk to the only adult in the other vehicle the mother of the teens,and he documented on his 202 report that " I transported Buckingham downtown for his chosen chemical test" that never happened a completely lie.Officer Harris under oath at the trial admitted he honestly couldn't tell who caused the accident. And do to lack of photos accurate measurements and inaccurate docu.entation on the 202 report it was almost impossible to have a accident reconstrution.all of these things are crutial in a DUI with injury charge because the difference between a misdeminor and felony is who caused the accident. Jake did not cause the accident I found the witness and he admitted to me that the white car ran the stop sign, the jury in this case was never instructed to use the facts or lack of to determine was Jake at fault for the accident. And the mother Melissa in the other car was disrequarded as a witness and her testimony stricken when it was discovered not only was her BAL over .08% but that she had contributed to those minors all evening long and they got hungry and she didn't want to drive drunk so she had her daughter drive them to mc Donalds at 2 am on a Friday night.Jake was found guilty with no evidence what so ever and the verdict came from a miss guided jury who couldn't have made a real decision based on the lack of facts and the witness they I told Jakes public defender that I found and she did not tell the judge or go speak with this man. Judge Lau sentenced Jake to 10 years on his first offense and he justified this obseno amount of time do to prior? Jake does not have any DUI priors what so ever. He has one other arrest over 10 years ago it was not a DUI or anything like that. Judge lau classified Jake at 85% meaning he can't do anything to work time off to come home early and is not eligible for any kicks do to over crowding. DA Courtney Lewis judge Lau and public Defender Pam Singh committed a horrific act of misconduct by absolutely not giving Jake a fair trial. Officer Harris did not do his job according to CHP policy and procedure and in fact write his 202 report based on his opinion and added untrue things that never happened. Officer Harris did not collect any evidence against Jake and admitted it under oath at Jakes trial yet a good hard working father of 6 sits in wasco for 10 years his kids are with his fiance because they don't have any blood family and their mother has been deemed unfit their dad is all they have in this world. They haven't seen him in 3 months now. An appeal has been filed. But this could happen to anyone everything about this is wrong and nobody cares. Jake Buckingham is my fiance and not a day goes by I wish we had the money to afford a private attorney but we just didn't. That should mean Jake should not have been given a fair trial and a misdeminor charge at best for possibly having a small level of alcohol in his system. This is what those new " crackdown in DUi laws really do to families its destroying them.

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Over-zeaous to say the least, makes me think the CHiPs get a bonus for each suspect; this poor man and his family, you're right, there is no justice here whatsoever!

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