Confusion regarding legal system
Posted: Jan-20-2014 2:04 PM in Random

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I was under the impression that if you get arrested for a felony, you will have to either pay a fine, do time, or both.
My confusion stems from first hand knowledge of a crack addict arrested nearly a year ago for posession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and attempting to destroy evidence. This person is a squatter, a spousal abuser, a manic depressive, hit both her then boyfriend and (attempted to hit) two policemen with a car, has offered false witness, is endangering the life of her two children, is living off the system, of course, ignores all and any summons to appear in court. There have been several readiness and jury trials scheduled, but since she somehow avoids being served with the bench warrants for her arrest, she is rescheduled. I noticed recently that her bail had been reduced from $40000 to $20000. Am I missing something here????
I would appreciate some kind of (legal) explaination. Thank you