A good man, father and friend..Travis Lamb was found guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter...it could've been you.
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I don't understand how Travis Lamb has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter when it was clearly a case of self defense. Travis, 28, was found guilty on March 12, 2014. I Kimmy Holliday was with Travis directly after the incident occurred on March 23. Travis was driving through the parking lot when one of two men smacked the back of Travis's truck with his hand. Travis turned around in the parking lot to confront the men. Travis exited his truck and words were exchanged. Mr. Gilroy continued arguing and then hit the truck a second time while he and the other man continued towards Travis believed that the two men were going to jump him. The victim, Mr. Gilroy was punched one time. Travis felt he had to protect himself and reacted. This could happen to anyone if put in this situation. Travis had no idea that hitting the man one time would cause such a tragedy. This was not an intentional crime and he certainly has shown a great deal of remorse. Yes Travis has a previous conviction for assault but has sense turned his life around. He works hard to provide for his family. He has six children the youngest being born after his arrest,he has yet been able to hold. The other man who was with Mr. Gilroy that day testified on the stand that infact the two of them were going for Travis when the incident occurred. I'm not attempting to lesson the fact that a life has been lost. It is indeed a terrible tragedy. Clearly though an act of self defense. There was another incident recently in which a man died as a result of injuries he had obtained after being "pushed or shoved". In this case the county has only charged that man with ONLY one MISDEMEANOR battery count. So far..rage and swearing at Raue as he charged up "SHOVING" him causing the "Senior" to go flying backwards thus obtaining injuries which led to his eventual death. How is this possible? I hope that enough of the public take interest in this story and voice their opinions before Travis is sentenced on April 10, 2014. It is wrong! Travis was not out looking for trouble. He is not a gang member or a trouble maker. He is as I said previously a good man, father and friend. Undeserving of having the next 18 years of his life taken away for reacting in a way that anyone of us could've had we been in that particular situation. Please I beg you speak out!!!
Thank You,
Kimmy Holliday

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Does No one care that a man defending himself is going to be sentenced to 18 years in prison? I believed that there would be a huge response to this story. I'm confused what if this had been one of you? Please Bakersfield post your comments on this story every little bit helps. This is the time to use your voices.

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Kim, I do not know your friend and I never even saw anything about this in the news but I am so sorry that this is happening. I have lived in Bakersfield all of my life and there are a lot of great people here but unfortunately, this town has the absolute worst law enforcement/legal system in the nation. Its pretty much been like this since the beginning, and if you dont believe that then read the "Mean Justice" book or anything you can find on "the Lords of Bakersfield". Yes there are some good cops and yes there are some good judges but unfortunately in the town they are the exception rather than the rule. I wish I could say that there was something we could do to help your friend but the sad truth is that there probably is not. At this point if all he is doing is waiting to be sentenced then his only chance will be in the appeal system and that is a long slow process and chances are not that good that will do him any good anyways, but at this juncture I dont know what else to tell you. I can tell you that the judge who sentences him could care less what any number of us may think about this case. My question is what happened in his trial? Please dont tell me that he was represented by the local public pretender's office. I unfortunately speak on this subject with quite a bit of experience and anyone who uses the public defender's office to represent them in a Kern County Criminal Case has lost before they begin. I would be very interested to see the actual statistics but I guarantee you have a better chance of winning the lottery than you do winning a jury trial if you have a public defender from Kern County. The only thing they are any good at is convincing their clients to plea to a bad deal. I am sorry, Kim, that i dont have anything better so tell you. I am just being completely honest. the reason its always so bad here is because the rotten apples are always at the very top so everything below just ends up rotten too. Whether it was the "Lords" cocksuckers which of course included Ed Jagles or now with our courts being lead by the absolute worst and most unethical judge possible in Collette Humphry's, it is just a sad state of affairs. And though it is maybe just a very little bit better now that jagles is gone, unfortunately he left his protege, miss Green, to take over, so things will not get much better for quite a while.So I wish your friend all the best. i dont know his age but I assume he is fairly young so though it may not seem like much of a consolidation, he must remember that he will still have much of his life to live still once he is released from prison. He will do no more than 8 or 9 years. I know it seems like forever but it is not forever. it is 8 or 9 years. when he is released he will still have 50 plus years left to live his life. so what he does in prison will be very important. If he loves his family and wants to do the best for them then he will stay out of trouble in prison and just do his time and take care of himself. He must keep his head and mind under control and not let hate or fear consume him. now it is up to him whether he comes home in 8 years and lives the rest of his life with and for his family or if he ends up staying in the system for ever and letting this tragedy dictate who he is. good luck! ps. for what it's worth from the very little i heard about what happened from your post, this does seem like self defense. thats why i asked about his legal representation. a good lawyer should not have had that hard of a time proving self defense, if it happened as you say. The experience that I myself had was also a self defense situation. 2 Bakersfield off duty cops started a fight with me and a good friend. I was 18 and he was 17 at the time. They started the fight. they threw the first punch and we defended ourselves, not even knowing they were cops until half way through the fight when, after they were getting their asses kicked they told us they were cops but didnt have a badge or anything to show us. anyway, as a minor, my friend did not have a right to a jury trial. minors get a a trial with one judge deciding guilt or innocence. Because we knew that these two cops would be testifying in uniform, the judge was likely to take them at their word so my friend took a plea. I had the more serious charges and the plea i was offered was 5 years in prison. I had never been in trouble a day in my life before this. Lucky for me my father could afford the best lawyer in town at the time. Stan Simron was his name, God rest his sole, he has since past away. But I was acquitted of all charges by a jury of my peers. Oh just as a side note, the deputy DA who was the prosecutor in my trial was none other than a very young Collette Humpry's. I will end my story by saying I should have got the hell out of this town after that trial. instead I have spent many years being hassled and harassed by the BPD and by the courts. I won that trial but in the end i have to say they got back at me. I followed the careers of those two cops throughout the years. a year after my trial, one of them, officer Greg Greison, shot and killed an unarmed gentlemen in front of the post office on stockdale hwy. He said he thought the guy had a gun. He rose through the ranks as a police Officer until his retirement where he then went to work for NSA as a consultant. The other, Brad Wahl, ended up as the police chief in Shafter, until he got caught stealing drugs from the evidence locker and was let go. Take care!

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You can use the news search on this site to find the news stories on this case. Just click this link and it will take you to two stores from the Bakersfield Californian and one from eyewitness news.


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My most sincere apologies to your friend, there is something indeed wrong with our "legal system", for example, justice, fairness, truth and dignity...

Pardon me, as well, I know it's a somewhat older post, but I'm wondering how its working it out, in particular for his family?

Incidently, you've a nice writing style too!

Take care & be well!


Take care and be well!
d'Philip Chalmers