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Opens at 9am till 4pm 62+ get free parking and admission to the fair!
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I don't know how long this will last but enter code: Kcfair in the promo box and get the $12 fair ticket for $9 plus the $1 convenience fee! Save a little money plus wont have to wait in line when you get there!
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I just thought these were some cool looking pictures I took yesterday.
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500 people in line at McDonald's at 10:45 in the morning! I need to stop eating junk food lol
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It's too hot in bako!
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Last time it got this big three people won, I wander if that will happen again! Less then 2 hours, hurry! haha
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I walked and ran 10 miles today! Way too much lol! My weight is 178 and I think I want to get down to 165. I think I ate too much today but tomorrow I might try adding up my calories. I am going to try to eat healthier too, less sugar, less salt(it holds all that water weight!) and more water. Today I did alright but I did eat some random french bread and macaroni! I wasn't hungry I just ...
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Just heard this on Inga Barks radio show haha
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Bako team working on making the site cleaner and user friendly and we think it is coming along good! Now we just have to get more people !
Poster by bako Jun-2-2017 1:03 PM Views: 343 Comments: 0
I just read some news articles on it today and this place looks like its going to be amazing! Its going to be in the old Home Club building that turned into Home Base then Home Depot then some random furniture store now its going to be The BLVD! Bowling alley. They are saying 45000 sq ft, 22 lanes, 2 story laser tag arena, 15 foot TV's over the ...
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