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User: Bako
Location: Bakersfield California
Registered: Jun-5-2011
About Me: I have lived in Bakersfield forever! I attend BC and take computer classes, and I build websites.
Signature: Bako website creator
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bako quick
Happy Friday bako!! lol!

Posted By: Bako in Mar-6-2015 2:15 PM
bako quick
Okay news and classified search are working again!

Posted By: Bako in Feb-28-2015 2:56 PM
bako quick
How does the week go by so fast!!!

Posted By: Bako in Mar-11-2015 2:25 PM
BakoI got the event page working again so if you are looking for something to do in Bakersfield, check it out!

Posted By: Bako Feb-27-2015 12:01 PM
Thank you for welcoming the farm to you're family

Posted By: alilpatchofheavenfarms Mar-11-2015 2:25 PM
bako quick
I fixed up the blog now I need to make the events work again! Adding all the cities was a major change!

Posted By: Bako in Feb-26-2015 3:10 AM
bako quick
At the padre with Katie and Taffy you'll see her later :p

Posted By: Bako in Mar-26-2015 3:26 PM
BakoThe padre it's boring, Bar Rescue !

Posted By: Bako Feb-20-2015 8:57 PM
VinceThere she is ....... :)

Posted By: Vince Mar-26-2015 3:26 PM
bako quick
Good Morning Friday!!!!!

Posted By: Bako in Feb-20-2015 9:45 AM
bako quick
What is everyone doing today?

Posted By: Bako in Feb-19-2015 8:33 PM
bako quick
Line dance

Posted By: Bako in Feb-14-2015 11:52 PM
BakoAt bull shed

Posted By: Bako Feb-14-2015 11:53 PM
bako quick
Total blackout on California ave!!

Posted By: Bako in Feb-10-2015 4:20 AM
BakoWatch out, out there, all the street lights are dead all the way to ming I think! I have been watching people fly thru the street light over here on California ave

Posted By: Bako Feb-10-2015 4:47 AM
BakoWOW it just popped back on! 50 minutes in the dark lol

Posted By: Bako Feb-10-2015 4:52 AM
bako quick
Okay the classified bump button works again! Classifieds is working good, next I need to get events and blogs back up and running! Its coming back together, Ill get it!

Posted By: Bako in Feb-6-2015 4:19 AM
bako quick
Good morning Bakersfield! I have been making changes to the bako site and it's slowly getting back up and running!

Posted By: Bako in Feb-5-2015 10:29 AM
bako quick
Sandrinis 's

Posted By: Bako in Jan-16-2015 11:50 PM
news comment
This sounds scary but cool!
News Story: Musk Touts Texas For Speed-of-sound Transit Test Site
Jan-15-2015 7:25 PM
bako quick
Posted By: Bako in Jan-13-2015 8:57 AM