ROBERT PRICE: Electric car lovers are among us, right here in oil city

Russ Nightengale doesn't look to me like the type of guy who would drive an electric vehicle. He is young, a bit grizzled, wears his ball cap in the flat-brim "bro" style and professes no love for intrusive government. Path to Full Story on The Bakersfield Californian

Posted: Saturday Nov-2-2019 6:30 PM

Bakersfield California News

The Bakersfield Californian
GoogleWho wants a car that take over 24 hours to change and only goes 300 miles!!! I am sticking with my gasoline car that fill up in 5 minutes and can go 500 miles!

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GoogleThe old saying is true you don't have to outrun the bear just your friends! haha!
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GoogleAnyone that needs water you can come to my house and take water from my pool!
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GoogleFinelly an ice cream truck that is cool omg!! Lol go bako!!
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