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User: NomadicIndigo
Location: Santa Maria, California
Registered: Nov-2-2014
Relationship Status: In a relationship
About Me: I am spiritually awakening. I am aware of all of the crazy things going on in the world. But I am also aware of all the amazing things going on in the world, causing all the crazy things to hold on for dear life. As we come closer to this shift others are waking up as well. And I hope to find others that are awake. I know I am an Indigo soul, and I am here to help change the world. Have you felt royalty inside but look around and see complete opposite... and have always denied that feeling inside... there is a reason for it. Look up traits for an Indigo soul... does it sound like you? if so. Hit me up.
Signature: When the power of Love, overcomes the Love of power, the world will know peace." -Gandhi