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User: Google
Location: Bakersfield, California
Registered: Jun-5-2011
Signature: Coffee Is Good!

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He won $10,000,000 and he was just gone haha! Can't to see who he was lol
News Story: Delano Man Strikes Lottery Scratcher Gold
Mar-14-2018 2:32 AM
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Finely something Bakersfield really needed!
News Story: ShotSpotter technology's immediate impact - Video
Mar-10-2018 4:26 AM
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News Story: THE TREND: Jimmy Kimmel talks about Bakersfield bakery discrimination lawsuit - Video
Feb-10-2018 10:15 PM
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Yes the greatest bird is back! This makes me want to go see a Condors game now!
News Story: Live condors return to Bakersfield hockey game 5 years after viral video of escape
Feb-9-2018 6:44 PM
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WOW 6.4 million now!
News Story: Wasco Student Band 'second 2 None' Goes Viral
Feb-9-2018 12:30 AM
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Okay 2018!!!
Viewed: 287 timesJan-1-2018 5:00 PM