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About Me

Born in Miami Florida but raised in Rochester NY. Started Piano lessons at age 7 for 7 years . Had an early morning paper route from age
age 12 to 15. Played in Rock band from age 14 & also worked as dishwasher at Jan's Diner for 6 months & for Richard Shickler's Landscaping 6 months. Started own landscaping business at age 15. Started spiritual journey with 3ho kundaliniYoga at age 16. Moved from home with neighbor friend, Kent, to Riga County to live in his farm house willed to him by his great aint. Started a 1/8 acre organic ggarden visited nearby Giles farm commune. Had 4 relationships from age 14 to 16. Joined unitarian universalist church group & attended youth
new age workshop conferences all over upstate NY. Attended Viet Nam War Protest in Washington D.C. & was illegally arrested while sitting on Capital Steps listening to a Senator's speech against the war at age 16. Was illegally incarcerated for 3 days(15 years later was awarded $13,000.00 by U.S.government bc A.C.L.U. took them to the Supreme court & sued them & won! Worked as a sexton assistant to my first kundalini yoga teacher, Charles Oesterly aka Maha Atma Singh. Worked in uncle's bakery for 6 months while living in my first 3ho kundalini yoga ashram.....⁰ To be continued when we meet! Love the beach, Indian vegetarian food, kirtan, nature &) am a master falconer. My spiritual teacher Yogi Bhajan once called me a loner although I love all sorts if communication. Always wanted to learn to fly a plane & helicopter. Goals: become a billionaire with Network marketing company Gano Excel, start 3ho kundalini yoga ashram, tour world wide performing kirtan, training 3ho kundalino yoga teachers, skeletal therapists( write the book on skeletal therapy), train Doctors of Cymatics & BioEnergetic Medicine & remarry !

Miami, FL
Wants a relationship
6'4" (193 cm)
Masters Degree
All my kids are over 18
Over 10 years
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